SUNDAY JUNE 22nd 2014
10am – 4.30pm

‘This day, held so close to the summer solstice, is an introduction to the shaman’s world view. Shamanism sees everything around us as worthy of respect, because everything has Spirit.


The summer solstice, when we mark the longest day and the shortest night and celebrate the power of the sun as it helps all growing things to reach their full potential, is an appropriate time to appreciate what we have, the wonder of life. It is a good time for ritual and ceremony, a powerful time –  an excellent time to show you the shamanic tripartite world view, with its upper, middle and lower world (very reminiscent of that lovely drawing of Assagioli’s Egg). About how the shaman understands power, how to acquire it and use it. And about the shamanic journey.

You will learn to journey to the lower world in search of power and then to bring that power back. Those of you who are used to the transpersonal way of working, will find the shamanic journey seems quite familiar – although on this occasion you will journey to the traditional sound of the drum.

I have done my shamanic training with the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies ( and found it a delightful extension of my transpersonal work as a psychotherapist, both for my own personal development and when working with clients. My hope is that this day will whet your appetite to learn more!’

Please send a cheque for £35 (payable to Transpersonal Perspectives) to Monica Anthony at
43 Gomm Road,
SE16 2TY.

Lunch is included; please let us know of any special dietary requirements when booking.

Pax Lodge,
Olave Centre,
12c Lyndhurst Road,
NW3 5PQ (a short walk from Belsize Park underground station on the Northern line).