The Numinosity of the Elephant

Sunday September 14th 2014
10.30am – 4pm
at Pax lodge

“Yet in the alert, warm animal there lies the pain and the burden of an enormous sadness. For it too feels the presence of what often overwhelms us: a memory, as if the element we keep pressing toward was once more intimate, more true, and our communion infinitely tender.” Rilke

Humans and elephants both originated in the Great Plains of Africa, where for tens of thousands of years we co-existed harmoniously. Now we are divided by so called layers of civilisation.

Aristotle described the elephant as, “The beast that passeth all others in wit and mind… and by its intelligence, makes as near an approach to man as matter can approach spirit.”

Elephants are known for their memory; Dumbo could fly; they are also the only other mammal with the capacity to cry. To what extent can an elephant be used as a route into healing the whole Self and a greater connectedness with the Soul? Please join me, and the elephant, for a day travelling across savannahs and deserts, romping through forests, splashing in oceans and jumping into a slipstream of creative imagination in an attempt to experience that ‘tender communion’.

Katie Dias is a mother, psychotherapist, former lawyer and lifelong lover of elephants. She trained at CCPE where she completed her MA on the elephant and has been practising as an integrative psychotherapist since 2008.


There are refreshments at 10am before the start of the workshop at 10.30am and afterwards at 4pm, finishing at 4.30pm.

Please send a cheque for £35 (payable to Transpersonal Perspectives) to Monica Anthony at
43 Gomm Road,
SE16 2TY.

Lunch is included.

Pax Lodge,
Olave Centre,
12c Lyndhurst Road,

(Belsize Park underground station, Northern line)