Ian Gordon-Brown 2 Ian Gordon-Brown

Ian’s generous life ended on 6th October. He was at the zenith of his achievement, a joyful man. Born, appropriately, on St. Valentine’s Day, he dearly loved his life and work, friends and family, and spoke often in recent years of how fulfilled he felt.

In brief outline:

Ian was an Industrial Psychologist, educated at Bryanston and Cambridge.

He married and had three children.

For 12 years he was Secretary of the Lucis Trust (Alice Bailey’s Work).

In 1973, he and Barbara Somers founded the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology. In 1977, he helped Barbara establish the Centre’s training, and continued to carry the broad workshop programme.

In 1994 he established the Centre for Transpersonal Perspectives and its programme of new workshops.

In 1995 Ian was elected President of EUROTAS (European Transpersonal Association) with 12-nation membership. This greatly pleased his eclectic viewpoint.

That was his outer life…

HIs release from life was exemplary. Having led a workshop on his major theme of Initiation, he sang (in a fine bass-baritone voice) joyously to Mozart and then went to sleep. In the small hours of 6th October, his heart stopped beating and he flew free.

We love him and rejoice that he has gone so gently to his next adventure. Such a big man leaves a big space, which is now being filled by hundreds of tributes, all speaking of his warmth, humour, wisdom, clarity and incisiveness. He did not suffer fools gladly, and said so. He loved deeply, and said so. Life and death held no fears for him. He was totally himself.

We salute and celebrate him, and hope to learn from his example.

Written for Ian’s Memorial service                                                                     Barbara Somers
at St James’s Church
197 Piccadilly
London W1J 9LL