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The Numinosity of the Elephant

The Numinosity of the Elephant with KATIE DIAS Sunday September 14th 2014 10.30am – 4pm at Pax lodge “Yet in the alert, warm animal there lies the pain and the burden of an enormous sadness. For it too feels the presence of what often overwhelms us: a memory, as if the element we keep pressing […]

Working with Power – The Shaman’s Way

WORKING WITH POWER – THE SHAMAN’S WAY with JULIA CRABTREE SUNDAY JUNE 22nd 2014 10am – 4.30pm at PAX LODGE ‘This day, held so close to the summer solstice, is an introduction to the shaman’s world view. Shamanism sees everything around us as worthy of respect, because everything has Spirit. The summer solstice, when we […]


Dark Wood to White Rose

DARK WOOD TO WHITE ROSE THE YOUNG DANTE AND THE ONE LOVE with HAZEL MARSHALL SUNDAY MARCH 9TH 2014 10am – 4.30pm at PAX LODGE Comedies – happy endings – are true to life itself. Some people scorn the happy ending, denying life after death. Hearing only the dark news of the broadcaster, our inner […]

Barbara Somers 1929–2013

A Celebration of the Life of Barbara Somers 1929–2013 Sunday 29th September 2013 Park Crescent Centre 229 Great Portland Street London W1   ___________________________________________________________________________ Celebrating Barbara’s life and achievement needs a broad palette. She was a remarkable person: wise, with a deep quality of stillness and compassion, and a finely honed mind capable of highly […]

Ian Gordon-Brown 1925-1996

Ian Gordon-Brown 1925-1996 Ian’s generous life ended on 6th October. He was at the zenith of his achievement, a joyful man. Born, appropriately, on St. Valentine’s Day, he dearly loved his life and work, friends and family, and spoke often in recent years of how fulfilled he felt. In brief outline: Ian was an Industrial […]