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Working with Power, an Introduction to Shamanism

        March 3rd and 4th 2018

This weekend workshop introduces you to the three worlds of the shaman, gives you a little of the history of shamanism and teaches the shamanic journey to the beat of the drum.

You will learn how to acquire and handle power, how to ask for help and information and how to bring this back to use in your everyday life.

I have done my shamanic training with the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies ( and found it a delightful extension of my transpersonal work as a psychotherapist, both for my own personal development and when working with clients.

Location: 68 Cathles Road, London SW12 9LG
easily reached with by car (free parking at weekends) or by public transport ( Northern Line to Clapham South)

Cost: £80

Please contact Julia Crabtree ( for more information or to register.

We’ve Got the Power – Now How Do We Use It? (Working with Power the Shaman’s Way: part 2)

Working with Power the Shaman’s Way: part 2


The first workshop “Working with Power – the Shaman’s Way” explained a little about shamanism, reputedly the oldest spiritual practice in the world, and the basics of the shamanic worldview. Participants learned to journey to the lower world to the sound of the drum; there they had the opportunity to meet a spirit helper in the form of an animal and to bring the power and help offered by that animal back into their ‘ordinary reality’ lives.

This second day teaches the upper world journey. Traditionally the Upper World is where the shaman goes for information.
This journey would give you the chance to meet your Spirit Teacher, a great source of wisdom and understanding. We may also journey in the middle world or perhaps undertake a journey on behalf of someone else in the group.

I have done my shamanic training with the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies ( and found it a delightful extension of my transpersonal work as a psychotherapist, both for my own personal development and when working with clients.

Venue: 68 Cathles Road, London SW12 9LG
easily reached with by car (free parking at weekends) or by public transport ( Northern Line to Clapham South)

Fee: EARLY BIRD (until July 31st) £40 to include lunch; thereafter, £45 to include lunch
This is a small workshop with a limit of 8 places. The day will count as 5 hours CPD

Booking: Please send a cheque to Julia at the above address or, if you wish to pay by bank transfer, please email Julia at

Enquiries: Julia Crabtree 07976 946176 or by email to the above address

NB – it is better if you have done Part 1 first – please contact me if you did not attend the first day, but would like to do this one.


Dates and Locations of Future Events

Dates and Locations of Future Events

We are taking a break from offering the Sunday Gatherings in London.

However, there are workshops being offered in other parts of the country, so do look for the details through our Links page: Hazel Marshall at Rock Bank in Leicestershire, Ian Thorp in Dorset and Vanessa Murphy in Suffolk.








Mindful Self Compassion Day

Mindful Self Compassion Day

with Vanessa Murphy

Saturday April 22nd 2017, 10.30am – 3pm

Based on the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) training, which cultivates the skills of self-compassion to enable you to respond to difficult moments in your life with kindness, care and understanding. MSC is based on the groundbreaking research of Kristin Neff and the clinical expertise of Christopher Germer.

The three key components of self-compassion are self-kindness, a sense of common humanity and cultivating a balanced, mindful awareness.

Kindness opens our hearts to suffering, so we can give ourselves what we need.
Common humanity opens us to others, so that we know we aren’t alone.
Mindfulness opens us to the present moment, so we can accept our experience with greater ease.  Together they comprise a state of warm, connected, presence during difficult moments in our lives.

On this day we will be moving/stretching, walking and meditating with the focus on compassion to self. The intention of the course is to help you:

  • Practice self-compassion in daily life
  • Motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism
  • Handle difficult emotions with greater ease

Fee: £40.00, Potatoes in their jackets and salad served on the day, tea, coffee and biccies too. Please bring something to share if you choose to.

Venue: The Harmony Centre, Hatch Farm Walpole Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 9BB

Contact:  Vanessa Murphy 01502 578162, mobile 07961 135072,
Please let me know if you wish to attend this workshop by email or phone/text
Fee can be paid by cheque or online banking contact me for more details
Send cheques to: 2 Hall Cottages, Wangford Road, Reydon, Southwold Suffolk IP18 6SJ
Info on me please look at my website: www.vanessa-murphy




Dorothy Allen 1934-2016


Dorothy Allen 1934-2016

We celebrated Dorothy’s life and her remarkable contribution to Transpersonal Perspectives on Sunday September 25th 2016 at the Park Crescent Conference Centre, London.

She was remembered through stories, poems, an art installation and walking the Labyrinth created by Dorothy and Barbara Wealthy.


Through the Veil of Form: a Transpersonal Journey

Through the Veil of Form:
a Transpersonal Journey


on Sunday May 22nd 2016
at Park Crescent Conference Centre

10.30am-4.30pm (tea and coffee at 10am and 4.30pm)

To any vision must be brought an eye adapted to what is to be seen, and having some likeness to it’. Plotinus

In this workshop we will explore the primal, pre-birth, landscape we all share, and open up an opportunity to meet ourselves in a new way.

the-athenaeum-the-chalice-of-becoming-odilon-redon-1451862334_bUsing imaging and felt-sense, we will follow the impulse of becoming embodied, experiencing the awakening of existing life forces in a gradual journey of individuation. Our development and embodying is an ever-evolving exchange from the internal to the external environment, from macro to microcosm, layer upon layer like a musical form of  ‘call and response’, back and forth.

From Function comes Form and, as energies coalesce, our energy centres go through a series of ignitions. Individual experience is present at this time when we are in a way both creator and created and in the process of creation.

There are certain key moments where we can explore this phase that precedes the development of our special senses: sight, touch. We will be especially looking at the emergence of our face from the bulging heart.

We come out knowing everything and then spend the rest of our lives working out what that is.

‘The countenance is the portrait of the soul and the eyes mark its intention’. Cicero

Image: Odilon Redon, The Chalice of Becoming


Elissa Dell is a Craniosacral Therapist. Her early roots are in painting. She taught at the College for Craniosacral Therapy for many years and completed the training in Visionary Craniosacral Work. She has been in practice in London since 2001 and is an accredited supervisor. She is now teaching postgraduate courses for Craniosacral Therapists and other Practitioners offering: Phenogenesis: the Process of Becoming Visible – a 3-day Foundation in Embryology, The Journey of the Incoming Soul in connection with Embryology (with Sophia Smith), The Dream of the Bones and Bone: the Clear Guide (with Monica Anthony).

Booking: please send a cheque (payable to Transpersonal Perspectives) for £40 to Monica Anthony at 43 Gomm Road, London SE16 2TY.  For all enquiries contact: Monica on tel: 020 7232 2562 or email: Venue: Park Crescent Conference Centre, 229 Portland St, London W1W 5PN is near Regents Park (near Great Portland Street  and Regents Park underground stations and walking distance from Warren Street and Baker Street stations).



Death & Discovery – a mystical journey (December 6th 2015)

Death & Discovery – a mystical journey

Sunday December 6th 2015
at Pax Lodge

10.30am – 4pm (tea and coffee at 10am and 4pm, finishing at 4.30pm)

‘Death is nothing but a gateway to birth. Nothing that lives ever dies, it only changes form.’ Guru Nanak

Death – to some a mystery to be embraced, to others something to be feared and not to be thought about or discussed. Whatever happens, death is inevitable in all our human lives. We have a choice as to how we approach death and dying, as many images and traditions through the ages show us…

This workshop is an opportunity to explore the mystery and transformative jIMG_2507ourney of death and dying. It is an opportunity to review the tapestry of your own life, and to weave your personal journey of transformation through death to your next realm of experience.

We will be approaching this through transpersonal journeying and the experience of developing your own drawn dowry carpet and prayer mat. In the Nomadic tribes of the Caucasus mountains, the women produce the rugs which express their experience and aspirations. This is apparent in the Dowry rugs and carpets. Some also produce prayer mats as a gift to the mosque to be given at their death.

‘Death is as divine as Life, because it is Life – because there is nothing but life.’ Anne Baring

Sarajane Aris is a retired Head of Clinical Psychology and Director of Policy for the British Psychological Society (BPS). She founded and chaired the Transpersonal Network for Clinical Counselling Psychologists and Therapists within the BPS in 1996 and held the first Transpersonal Clinical Psychology NHS post in the UK. She trained with CTP and practises as a transpersonal therapist and mentor and coaches for Aspire, a women’s international leadership foundation. Her foundation is in the mystical teachings of Ronald Beesley over the last 40 years and the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition. Her passion is in bridging between worlds and practical mysticism – how you integrate spirituality into every thread of daily life.

Brian Pearse is a retired Head of a Special School. He is currently a trailblazing mentor and coach for Aspire women’s leadership foundation and teaches watercolour and calligraphy classes in Somerset. His foundation is also in the mystical teachings of Ronald Beesley, transpersonal workshops and Tibetan Buddhism over the last 50 years, He currently instructs within the Tibetan tradition.


Booking: please send a cheque for £40 (payable to Transpersonal Perspectives) to Monica Anthony at 43 Gomm Road, London SE16 2TY
Pax Lodge is at the Olave Centre, 12c Lyndhurst Road, London NW3 5PQ (near Belsize Park underground station on the Northern line).


Four Worlds and a Broken Stone (September 20th 2015)

Four Worlds and a Broken Stone

Sunday September 20th 2015
at Pax Lodge

10.30am – 4pm (tea and coffee at 10am and 4pm, finishing at 4.30pm)

‘The future can’t be predicted but it can be envisioned and brought lovingly into being.’ Donella Meadows

Sarah Deco image of stonesListening to stories, especially myths and folk tales evokes a particular state of mind. It is a state, close to dreaming, in which we link to an inner ‘world wide web’ experiencing a sense of connectedness; to each other, our ancestors, the whole network of living beings and the unfolding of history. Engaging with these ancient stories may enable us to grasp more profoundly the enormity of what faces us and develop a sense of meaning and therefore hope.

In Four Worlds and a Broken Stone, the creation myth of the Native American Hopi tribe, several worlds rise and are then destroyed through the failings of humanity. The next and final world is yet to come.

The workshop will include a telling of this myth and working with the themes and the images that arise.

Sarah Deco is an Art therapist, Group Analyst and Storyteller. She works as a supervisor and consultant for the NHS and other organisations as well as in private practice. She is interested in exploring the potential of group analysis and storytelling as a means of deepening discussion and creating space for new thinking about our relationship to the environment.


Booking: please send a cheque for £40 (payable to Transpersonal Perspectives) to Monica Anthony at 43 Gomm Road, London SE16 2TY


An Alchemical Journey (May 10th 2015)



Sunday May 10th 2015

10.30am – 4pm (tea and coffee at 10am and 4pm, finishing at 4.30pm)

at Pax Lodge, Olave Centre, 12c Lyndhurst Road, London NW3 5PQ

‘To be a successful alchemist one has to have a good knowledge of astrology and vice versa’.
Michael Edwards

This workshop offers the opportunity to undertake a journey travelling through the heavenly spheres, calling at each of the ‘Seven Wanderers’ and using the position of the North Node in our own chart as our starting point.Alchemy notebookIan Thorp is a qualified and experienced teacher, artist and musician, with training in Humanistic and Integrative Couselling and Transpersonal Psychotherapy and a Master’s in Transpersonal Arts and Practice (archetypal psychology). He has been facilitating and teaching workshops and  experiential days since 1994 and runs his own publishing company:

Charney Manor (March 20th-22nd 2015)

Chaney imageTranspersonal Earth:
Landscape for the Soul

A Transpersonal Perspectives Gathering
Charney Manor in Oxfordshire
Friday March 20th – 22nd 2015

Booking: please contact Philippa Vaizey, tel: 01736 449505

It is with delight and gratitude that we can announce the Speakers/Presenters for this weekend:

Anne Baring,  Jeremy Brooks, Alain Allard and Jinny Blom

Anne Baring

Anne is a Jungian analyst and author and co- author of seven books. Her work is devoted to the recognition that we live in an ensouled world and to the restoration of the lost sense of communion between us and the invisible dimensions of the Cosmos that is the source or the ground of all that we call ‘life’.

Her latest book The Dream of the Cosmos. A Quest for the Soul was twenty years in the making and will be the subject of her talk.

Jeremy Brooks

Jeremy was originally in investment banking and trained as a psychotherapist as part of his mid-life rearrangements (along with downsizing, buying a motorbike, mountain biking etc.). He is now in private practice mainly as a therapist and supervisor, teaches on a counselling diploma locally, runs workshops and supervises for Mind & Cruise Bereavement Care.
He is also Treasurer for our Perspectives group and the Secretary for the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology.

Developing our Relationship with the more than human.

Whilst the transpersonal shifts our focus beyond the personal – be that to the collective unconscious, spiritual experience, or altered states of consciousness – Ecopsychology asks us to extend this further to include the non-human and more than human. Ecopsychology extends the horizontal aspect of the transpersonal, being concerned with immanence, embodiment, the shamanic and the pagan. We are asked to reflect on our relationship to the world, and the cosmos. Issues we might consider may include global warming, sustainability, pollution, recycling, human population growth, energy production, food production, extinction: overall our place within Gaia. What are our intellectual, emotional, physical and psychological reactions to this situation? Can we do anything to help, or do we feel powerless? Are we part of the problem, or part of the solution – inevitably both…
In this session I hope that we will be able to connect to our environment in the broadest possible way. Maybe reconnect in a way that we did as children, and hopefully connect to the more than human forces that interpenetrate our environment.

Alain Allard

Alain has been dancing the 5Rhythms® for over 20 years. Accredited by Gabrielle Roth, he teaches the Waves, Heartbeat and Mirrors level maps of her work and, for the last 15 years, has been regularly teaching them in different countries, continents and contexts. He is a registered UKCP therapist, trained by Ian Gordon Brown and Barbara Somers at the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology. He is also a Faculty Trainer for the 5Rhythms® Teacher Training programme. His earlier career in the building trade underpins the practical, step by step, clarity of his teaching. Father of 5 ‘grown-up’ children, he lives in the Ashdown Forest with his wife, his cat, his dog and many trees and flowers.

As Above So Below

Our sense of ‘me’, the ‘I’ that is breathed from birth to death is dependent on embodiment. Not only do ‘we come from somewhere and go somewhere’ but that coming and going is as physical substance. If my human existence is just an idea my Soul is having then so is the Earth which carries me on this journey from baby to corpse. If I am, however, like the bird outside my window as I write this, more than concept: actual blood, muscle, skin, bone and guts then all of my reality, thoughts, beliefs and faith is made up of the same stuff as the living Earth. The same matter as the moving Great Mother, Mater Terra; minerals, cells, salts and fluids in constant flowing motion. Without this movement – the in and out of the breath that visits me regardless of my attention – ‘I’ cease to be. Cycles, waves, patterns are my nature just as they are the nature of the elemental landscapes of this planet which is home to body, mind, heart and spirit. The landscape of ‘me’ extends from feet to head yet for many of us the territory between these points is a million miles of wilderness. In this session I will guide us into remembering and exploring ourselves through physical movement and focussed attention. This brief introduction is suitable for all regardless of age or experience. Processing by practising, we will try out different movement qualities that can renew and recharge physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Loose comfortable clothing and either socks or bare feet (both options clean please!) are recommended for this short enquiry.

Jinny Blom

Jinny was running a residential charitable trust in South London for men with schizophrenia when she discovered and trained with Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers. The Trust believed that psychological health could be improved by embracing Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: shelter, safety, warmth, food…and found gardening as a means to this. Since becoming a landscape and garden designer in 1996, she has created and landscaped gardens all over the world including Althorp Park and Princess Diana’s Grave, and won awards for various projects including the master plan for Design Centre Chelsea Harbour and Kentish Town Health Centre. She has also designed and built five Chelsea flower show gardens including one for Prince Charles and one for Prince Harry in support of their charities. And as she puts it “I even got a gold medal for one!”
She is currently working in the Rift Valley in Kenya on a black rhino reserve and continues, throughout her work to be an advocate for gardens/ gardening as a therapeutic tool in depression, ptsd, and severe mental illness.
In her down time, she enjoys singing a-Capella with friends.

Terra Firma: how the land really earths us.

I have been focussed on the three dimensional world since childhood- it offered me an antidote to the complexities of my early life and I found great solace and inspiration in it. I believe my transpersonal perspective was formed at a very young age and later found expression in my interest in psychosis and working with people afflicted with schizophrenia. One thing I learned for certain when I worked in therapy was that no human being is beyond reach, and if you can then change their environment they will improve.

In our session we will explore the symbiotic influence of earth and diurnal motion on our health and the schism we are currently living through. It’s effect and the pull of the collective unconscious to reconnect to it and the challenges of doing so.
(Please be prepared for inclement weather.)

There will be the one morning offering each day such as Dream Sharing, Tai Chi, Meditation and Yoga to choose from before breakfast for the early risers. On Saturday evening there will be an opportunity for the group to come together on a more sociable note.

As before, a small exhibition of participants’ art or craft work will be displayed in the Solar Room;  an invitation to submit work is on the booking form. Ian Thorp will be bringing Transpersonal Books; these will be found in the Library.
There will also be space and time to enjoy good conversations, quiet reflection, and the lovely Manor and surroundings, not to mention the delicious food.