Sunday May 10th 2015

10.30am – 4pm (tea and coffee at 10am and 4pm, finishing at 4.30pm)

at Pax Lodge, Olave Centre, 12c Lyndhurst Road, London NW3 5PQ

‘To be a successful alchemist one has to have a good knowledge of astrology and vice versa’.
Michael Edwards

This workshop offers the opportunity to undertake a journey travelling through the heavenly spheres, calling at each of the ‘Seven Wanderers’ and using the position of the North Node in our own chart as our starting point.Alchemy notebookIan Thorp is a qualified and experienced teacher, artist and musician, with training in Humanistic and Integrative Couselling and Transpersonal Psychotherapy and a Master’s in Transpersonal Arts and Practice (archetypal psychology). He has been facilitating and teaching workshops and  experiential days since 1994 and runs his own publishing company: