Transpersonal Perspectives is a network of people who meet in a spirit of openness and willingness to explore the richness of our inner potential beyond, and yet also integrated into, our everyday lives. It has grown out of the life-changing work of Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers, who always emphasised that transpersonal psychology ‘is a perspective, not a system or doctrine.’

The literal meaning of Transpersonal is ‘beyond the personal’, guiding us to a more universal awareness of ourselves, beyond our ordinary consciousness and sense of identity. It often involves spiritual experiences, which enable us to recognise the oneness of all life and our connectedness to a larger, more meaningful reality. This, in turn, usually results in better interpersonal relationships and the wish to be of service to others, the planet and to life itself.

Altered states of consciousness and deeper sense of self belong to the transpersonal dimension of life; so does enhanced creativity and the ability to apply spiritual insights to the practical needs of existence.

At a time when the familiar certainties are crumbling, when chaos seems to have become the norm, and when life’s true purpose is receding in confusion, Transpersonal Perspectives aims to maintain and disseminate the core values of the transpersonal approach, in which warmth, love and trust coexist with clear thinking and creativity.